The Mary Jane Experience: A Cannabis Podcast

EP 39: Garrett Dutton AKA G.Love ( of G.Love and Special Sauce) Shares Cannabis Stories

March 5, 2020

We think it safe to say that every rock star has a unique and interesting relationship to cannabis- whether or not they use the plant themselves. This week, The Mary Jane Experience had the opportunity to interview Garrett Dutton - better known as G.Love - the lead singer of G.Love and Special Sauce. We have to admit, we fell in love with him a little bit. G.Love was honest, kind, funny, way cooler than we will ever be, and completely full of entertaining stories.


G.Love has not been shy about his use of cannabis, he has a song called “Who’s Got The Weed” and the subject comes up often in his music. 


While G.Love is clearly no stranger to smoking weed, we were curious to hear about how cannabis has influenced his music and overall career, crazy backstage stories, if he is looking to get into the cannabis industry and insights into his life in general.


We recorded from The Green Room at the Belly up in Aspen, Colorado -  where many of the biggest names in music play - and quite honestly, this is one of the coolest interviews we have done to date.


The entire interview is transcribed on our blog here >>>