The Mary Jane Experience: A Cannabis Podcast

EP 53: Using Plant Medicine to Enhance Spirituality and Overall Health with Harry Sherwood of Conciously

May 29, 2020

Harry Sherwood, Founder of Consciously, takes us along on his journey through China living with monks and learning Tai Chi, to his time in meditation in an ashram in California. He walks us through the intense experience of an ayahuasca ceremony and what that felt like for him in over 15+ 'sits' with the medicine. He shares the connection of plant medicine, cannabis specifically, and meditation.

This mystical episode explores the depths of the universe while also offering practical advice for enhancing overall health and wellness through plant medicine and meditation.


We are excited to be doing some fun virtual events with Harry as well:

Join Harry and The Mary Jane Experience This Sunday May 31st for a cannabis-enhanced guided meditation >>>

Join Harry Daily for a free morning meditation >>>

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